Panic Attack Therapy & Counseling in Japan

Living in Japan as a foreigner and experiencing panic attacks can be extremely frightening. Often, panic attacks feel like they come “out of the blue,” but after exploring more, we can usually identify specific triggers. Common Triggers in Japan Crowded train Language barrier Physically distant from friends and family back home Challenges accessing essential support services Demanding work schedule Cultural … Read More

How Long Does Homesickness Last (and How to Shorten its Duration)

  The experience of homesickness has common features for all of us. At the same time, each of us can experience homesickness in a number of different ways, including its duration. For some, homesickness can pass fairly quickly, while for others it can take much longer. How long does homesickness last, in general? Studies have shown homesickness to last between … Read More

Why Am I So Quiet? A Psychotherapist’s Perspective

It can be a challenge to figure out why we do something or why we don’t do something. And a tendency to be quiet is not exception. It’s an important question though. We thrive off connection and the only way for us to connect is to talk and put ourselves out there. Why am I so quiet? Paying attention to … Read More

Why Am I So Quiet in Groups? And Should I Speak Up More?

Why am I so quiet in groups? A pattern of not speaking up in groups is often due to a fear of being judged, a core belief that we’re somehow flawed, and an underestimate of our social skills. Often, it’s not that we are lacking social skills, it’s that we need to address underlying thoughts and behaviors that maintain our … Read More

What Kind of Therapist Do I Need for Anxiety? How to Choose & What to Expect

The field of psychology can be confusing for the average person. Unless you’ve trained as a therapist, it’s unlikely that you know the difference between all the titles in the field. So, what kind of therapist do you need for anxiety? There is no specific title for an anxiety therapist. Any licensed therapist can treat anxiety, however, it’s recommended to … Read More

Constantly Worried About Cancer. A Psychotherapist’s Perspective

Our health is crucial to our survival and quality of life. Any possible sign that our health may be in jeopardy is alarming. One of the biggest threats to our way of life is cancer. And it’s impacted us all somehow. We all know someone who either was diagnosed with cancer or has died from it. We should be concerned … Read More

What are Cognitive Distortions?

  Cognitive distortions are thought patterns that distort reality. They are completely normal, but very unhelpful. And some of us experience them (or are more aware of them) more often than others. Understanding cognitive distortions can help us identify when they are happening, giving us more control over our emotions and behaviors. Cognitive distortions Black and White Thinking – Our … Read More

Why am I Always Overthinking The Past? And How to Stop.

Our ability to remember the past is important. We don’t want to lose it. Without it we’d lose our capacity to learn and we’d find ourselves constantly making the same mistakes. The past can bring up intense emotions like guilt and regret. These emotions can act like a compass, telling us when we’ve veered too far from our values. However, … Read More

Lean Into Anxiety

Logically, trying to escape or avoid anxiety makes a lot of sense. It’s uncomfortable, it causes us to do things that aren’t in line with who I want to be, so let’s try to avoid it. In practice, however, this makes things worse. Anxiety’s drug of choice The drug of choice for anxiety is avoidance because it gives us certainty … Read More

Japanese Parenting Style – And Differences from the West

Expats and foreigners visiting Japan are often surprised by how Japanese kids act; Westerners commonly report things like, less fuss, more mature behavior and greater self-sufficiency, than the kids in their home countries.  And, for the number of foreigners making these kinds of observations, there are usually just as many theories as to why Japanese kids are the way they … Read More