Adjusting to Life in Japan (and Staying Mentally Well)

Moving to Japan is one of the biggest transitions you’ll make in your lifetime and adjusting to life here is far from quick and easy. However, with an open mind, some research, trial and error, and patience, your experience in Japan will be a positive one. In this article, I’ll address what culture shock is, some examples of culture shock … Read More

Should I leave Japan? Things to Consider

Debating whether or not to leave Japan is never a comfortable place to be, mentally. And the longer you’ve been in Japan, the more difficult it can be to decide. Either way, it’s a decision that can be difficult to sort through. The internal debate causes many types of emotions: Excitement about what’s waiting back home Uncertainty about what’s waiting … Read More

Okinawa Taxis: How to Get One

Getting a taxi in Okinawa isn’t that different from the rest of the world. There are certain things to be aware of, however. Steps to getting and hailing a taxi when on the street in Okinawa Look for a taxi with the vacant sign in Japanese: 空車  Put your hand in the air to get the taxi’s attention Get in … Read More