Why Am I Always Thinking and Worrying About The Future? And How to Stop?

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTAnxiety

We need to think about the future. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t achieve much. If anything. The future brings ups intense emotions like fear and worry. These emotions protect us. Alerting us to possible dangers. However when we begin to obsess over the future, these emotions move from protecting us to harming us. We become frozen. In this article I’ll … Read More

Does Anxiety Go Away on its Own?

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTAnxiety, Social Anxiety

Asking if anxiety will go away on it’s own is like asking your doctor to predict how long you’ll live. There are an infinite number of variables to consider; it’s impossible to know. Anxiety is also dependent on a number of different, complex variables. And just like our lifespan, some variables we have control over, while others are completely up … Read More

What to do When Your Partner Doesn’t Understand Your Anxiety

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTAnxiety, Social Anxiety

Anxiety can impact most intimate relationships. This is especially true when our partner doesn’t understand it. And when this happens, it can make us more to be anxious about, it can increase conflict, which can leave us feeling isolated and alone. In this article, I offer some things to think about when trying to get your partner to understand your … Read More

Lean Into Anxiety

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTAnxiety, Social Anxiety

Logically, trying to escape or avoid anxiety makes a lot of sense. It’s uncomfortable, it causes us to do things that aren’t in line with who I want to be, so let’s try to avoid it. In practice, however, this makes things worse. Anxiety’s drug of choice The drug of choice for anxiety is avoidance because it gives us certainty … Read More

Supporting Someone Dealing with Anxiety

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTAnxiety, Social Anxiety

Anxiety rarely just impacts the person experiencing it; it has a way of spilling out into the environment, easily impacting anyone nearby. Here are some ways to help support someone dealing with anxious thoughts and behaviors: Avoid Trying to Fix it The most important thing to remember is that it’s impossible to fix someone’s anxiety. Two common ways we try … Read More

Japanese Parenting Style – And Differences from the West

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTOther

Expats and foreigners visiting Japan are often surprised by how Japanese kids act; Westerners commonly report things like, less fuss, more mature behavior and greater self-sufficiency, than the kids in their home countries.  And, for the number of foreigners making these kinds of observations, there are usually just as many theories as to why Japanese kids are the way they … Read More

My Husband Got a Job Overseas (Impacts of Staying or Going)

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTOther

Finding out your husband just got a job overseas can bring a flood of mixed emotions: Anger Sadness Jealousy Fear Isolation Excitement It can also bring with it an overwhelming number of decisions and things to consider: Will I go with him? Do I want and could we survive a long-distance relationship? What will I do for work? Am I … Read More

How Can I Be Happy in a New Country?

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTOther

We all move to a new country for a variety of reasons. Some reasons are clear and tangible (e.g., for work), other reasons are not so clear and less defined (e.g., “a change of pace”). Regardless of your reason for moving, it’s normal to feel off-balance after relocating to a new country. It can be helpful to first understand why … Read More

How Often Should You See a Therapist for Anxiety?

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTAnxiety, Social Anxiety

Therapy is one of the best ways to confront anxiety. But, if you’ve never been to therapy, there are likely many questions. One of the most common questions asked is, “How often should you expect to see your therapist?” Typically, it’s best to see your therapist 1 time per week. If your anxiety is at a higher level, your therapist … Read More