Why Do I Constantly Feel People Are Judging Me? A Therapist’s Guide.

Social connection and acceptance are crucial for our survival. Without these things, it would be a very lonely and miserable existence. Your brain understands this. And it’s on high alert to make sure you avoid anything that threatens social acceptance. Like negative judgment from others. So, if you constantly feel like others are observing, judging, gossiping, and maybe even conspiring … Read More

Is Online Therapy Effective? The Pros and Cons

Online therapy is a broad term for therapy delivered via video/audio, email, and live chat. In this article, I will focus exclusively on live therapy using video and audio. Benefits to doing online therapy Disinhibition effect – If you plan to never meet your online therapist in real life and you live hundreds or even thousand miles away, it’s not unlikely … Read More

Can I Talk About My Drug Use in Therapy? Or Will I be Reported?

Therapy is often called a “safe place” to talk about anything. But, what about illegal things, like drug use, will that really stay confidential? Talking about drug use alone in therapy, legal or illegal use, remains confidential. However, it’s important that laws vary by state. There are ways to get clarification from your therapist without disclosing information.  And if you … Read More

What Kind of Therapist Do I Need for Anxiety? How to Choose & What to Expect

The field of psychology can be confusing for the average person. Unless you’ve trained as a therapist, it’s unlikely that you know the difference between all the titles in the field. So, what kind of therapist do you need for anxiety? There is no specific title for an anxiety therapist. Any licensed therapist can treat anxiety, however, it’s recommended to … Read More

Constantly Worried About Cancer. A Psychotherapist’s Perspective

No matter the physical symptoms you’re experiencing, if you engage in online research in attempt to self-diagnosis, more times than not, cancer will show as a possibility. The worry of cancer has crossed all of our minds.  For some people this worry leaves the mind just as quickly as it enters. For some, they determine it’s worth a trip to … Read More

Why Am I Afraid of Everything? Is There Hope?

Our brains are wired to seek out threats. Some of the threats are real and serious, most of the things our brains focus on, however aren’t real. But, why might you be afraid of just about everything, even though logically you know it’s not justified. There are endless possible reasons why you’re afraid of everything. And most likely it’s a … Read More

Are Intrusive Thoughts Normal?

Having thoughts that are not in line with our values can cause us concern. Are intrusive thoughts normal? We have no control over the thoughts that come into our minds. So, it’s very normal to have thoughts that are not in line with our values or our intentions. However, our reaction to these thoughts are important. And our reactions to … Read More

What are Cognitive Distortions?

Cognitive distortions are thought patterns that distort reality. They are completely normal, but very unhelpful. And some of us experience them (or are more aware of them) more often than others. Understanding cognitive distortions can help us identify when they are happening, giving us more control over our emotions and behaviors. Cognitive distortions Black and White Thinking – Our brains … Read More

How To Stop Worrying If Someone Is Mad at You

Interpersonal conflict is some of the worst stress we encounter. As humans, we strive for social connection. When conflict happens or we fear it happening, it’s normal to experience a wide range of intense emotions.  In this article I’ll explore real, perceived, and anticipatory conflict in relationships, how it impacts us, and what we can do about it.  External events … Read More

Why Am I Always Thinking and Worrying About The Future? And How to Stop?

We need to think about the future. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t achieve much. If anything. The future brings ups intense emotions like fear and worry. These emotions protect us. Alerting us to possible dangers. However when we begin to obsess over the future, these emotions move from protecting us to harming us. We become frozen. In this article I’ll … Read More